jeudi 25 septembre 2014

Liga : Sporting vs Porto

6ème journée :  Notre équipe va jouer gros cette semaine avec 2 matchs capitaux pour les 2 compétitions majeures de notre saison. En jouant à domicile face à Porto puis Chelsea, 2 victoires pourraient nous lancer vers une saison de rêve, à l'inverse 2 défaites provoqueraient sans doute le début de la déprime pour nos supporters.
Marco Silva a convoqué 21 joueurs :
Gardiens : Rui Patricio et Marcelo Boeck.
Défenseurs : Cédric Soares, Ricardo Esgaio, Naby Sarr, Paulo Oliveira, Mauricio, Jefferson et Jonathan Silva.
Milieux : William Carvalho, Oriol Rosell, Adrien Silva, João Mario, André Martins, André Carrillo, Carlos Mané, Nani et Diego Capel.
Attaquants : Fredy Montero, Islam Slimani et Junya Tanaka.
Sporting vs Porto
Vendredi 26 septembre à 21h30 (fr) - Stade José Alvalade - Sport TV1 

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

The Portugee Bacaladitos are like an Albania, an El Salvador, or a Laos, but we enjoy "thinking" we are somehow special because we have been munching on English weiners for over 700 years even though they have used us as a buffer between Spain and them. If only we had the intelligence to have united with our brothers Spain, we would have Crushed the English long, long ago but alas....we are much too stupid to think Big so we remained the lap dog, i mean bummm buddy of the English.

Basically, Putugal is SHIT! :(

Cœur de Lion a dit…

Say that Portugal is crap, it's probably that you are soaked in it. You have a primary reasoning about the history of a country, like many others is not large relative to its size. I have difficulty understanding your hatred for the English, I did not want to eat them and I do not think they crunched Portugal. I just agree that we should be more united with our Spanish brothers . Family stories are often difficult to resolve. Greetings Lusitanian.